Are Sex Dolls Legal in the USA ?

The answer to this question is YES. Sex dolls are legal in all the 50 states of the United States. However, the sex doll should not look like a child or a pre-pubescent teen. There are several cases in the United States of people who attempted to import child-looking sex dolls and were arrested for child pornography.

You can read the article below to learn more about one person who attempted to import a child looking sex doll in Canada and got arrested :
Man charged with child pornography over sex doll says he bought it to replace dead son

How to Buy Sex Doll Safely ?

Have no fear, the sex dolls that we sell on are 100% legal, risk free and mature looking.

We ensure that the erotic sex dolls that we sell on our website have the characteristics of a mature adult.

Beware of dubious looking and bogus sites with prices too good to be true. Often, these websites will send you some fake scrap sex doll and you might receive flat chest sex dolls young looking that could get you in trouble. Make sure you buy your sex doll from reputable and secured websites such as

Trixie Blonde Sex Doll
Trixie – 158 cm sex dolls $1195 on

See the list of countries where it is legal and illegal to import sex dolls by consulting the post below.

How to choose the right sex doll for you?

In this article, you will learn how to choose the right sex doll for you. After reading this, you will know what’s the best choice for you. Here’s the different subject you will read about in this sex doll article.

Your budget for a doll

Your sex doll preferences

What is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material?

What is a metal skeleton?

Where to buy a sex doll?

Video demonstration of our sex doll

Your budget for a doll:

First, you must set your budget to buy your doll. Now a day, they make high quality dolls that look very much like real humans, with sophisticated materials that allow multiple positioning, and a texture that looks like real human skin. Here is the list of different models according to your means.

Depending on your budget, here are some of the vaste choices you have:

High Luxury TPE Realistic Sex Doll (Price: between $ 1000 to $ 3000)

Mini Luxury TPE Sex Doll (Price: between $ 500 to $ 1500)

Sex Doll Torsos (Price: between $ 50 to $ 300)

Fleshlights, Masturbators and Pocket Pussy (Price: between $ 20 to $ 100)

High Luxury TPE Realistic Sex Doll (Price range : $ 1000 to $ 3000)

These high quality dolls are very similar to reality. The material is in a Thermoplastic which is better than silicone for the elasticity and the feel is like real skin. Also, they are equipped with a metal skeleton that allows moving the doll in the position you want. These dolls are real size and those measurements make the doll your fantasy a reality. You can also choose from several sizes and colors of hair, chest size etc.. This is a must and certain models are very affordable.
You can find on several websites some models around $ 1500. However, make sure to have a closet to store it away from the eyes of your visitors, because a real size dolls can not be hidden  in a drawer. It will last you several years if you take good care of it, and you will increase your level of sexual satisfaction with these life like dolls.

Britanny 176cm TPE Sex Doll
(Brittany, 176cm TPE Sex Doll, $2220)
Stella, 170cm TPE Sex Doll
(Stella, 170cm TPE Sex Doll, $1625)
Ginger, 158cm TPE Sex Doll
(Ginger, 158cm TPE Sex Doll, $1250)

Mini Luxury TPE Sex Doll (Price range : $ 500 to $ 1500)

These mini dolls are the same type as the real-size dolls, but in a smaller size, so that allows to handle them more easily, and have just as much fun, they are much less bulky, and the price is much more affordable if you have a tighter budget, but you’re looking for a high-end doll, the high-end mini dolls in TPE material are perfect for you. They are also equipped with a metal skeleton, which allows you to place them in the position you want. Some are silicone, some thermoplastic. Thermoplastic allows for greater elasticity and looks very much like real skin.
The mini-dolls are between $ 500 to $ 1,500 and are available between 100cm to 135cm. Their small size allows you to store them more easily, if you have a space that is restricted. On the other hand, it does not hide in a drawer. It is a must to have at home to satisfy your most naughty fantasies.

Here are some models of mini dolls:

Camilla 100cm TPE Sex Doll
(Camilla, 100cm TPE Sex Doll, $550)
Crystal 100cm TPE Sex Doll
(Crystal, 100cm TPE Sex Doll, $550)
Luna 125cm TPE Sex Doll
(Luna, 125cm TPE Sex Doll, $850)

Sex Doll Torsos (Price range : $ 20 to $ 200)

In addition, if you do not want to buy a large size sex doll, because your budget or your storage space does not allow you, there is always the Sex Doll Torsos that are affordable, and ranks very well. These sex dolls are not a complete doll; they are often a part of the body such as the ass and vagina, a torso, or even feet. These are several places of the body that can satisfy many needs. You will see several models and several body parts that are available at very affordable prices. This will give you an experience that will bring you closer to the traditional sex doll. She will empty you, but without emptying your wallet. To sum up, they are easily washable, more affordable, more easy to manipulate and easily storable.

Here are some models of torso:

TPE Sex Half Doll
(Half Sex Doll Torso, $479)
TPE Sex Doll Masturbator
(TPE Flesh Full Sex Doll, $399)
Male Sex Torso Masturbator
Male Sex Torso, $299)

Fleshlights, Masturbators and Pocket Pussy (Price range : $ 50 to $ 300)

Are you tired of masturbating by yourself ? Add some spicy to your sexual life and by a Fleshlight or a Masturbator. In fact, These are perfect for people on small budget, or people that want to add pleasure to there life. Fleshlight, commonly call “pocket pussy” is what you need to add spice to your lonely and boring evening. Starting as low as $ 19.99, you will get a lot more fun and would have spent a $ 20 as well. Easy to use, washable, discreet, these toys hide very well from your wife or friends. Of course there are different qualities and models at different prices.

Your sex doll preferences

When it comes to choosing your sex doll, you could choose several characteristics of it according to your preferences as well as your choice of skin color, hair color, size, breast size, body and face. On different websites, there is the choice of different models, some with blond hair, black, brown or red. There are dolls with light tans, others with darker tans. There are also some models that offer you to satisfy certain fantasies, such as dolls with pointed ears that looks like an elf. Some models offer big breasts, others smaller ones. It’s up to you to go around the different models and choose your preference by looking at the pictures and the description of the dolls.

Start by choosing the size you want. The mini-dolls are from 100cm to 135cm. When you fall into the high-range models of real life sizes, these are from 140cm to 175cm. When you have your size chosen, shop among the available models in the size of your choice. Then choose the hair, and the features you want according to your budget.

Ella 168cm TPE Sex Doll Dark Skin
(Ella, 168cm TPE Sex Doll, $1925)
Evy, 155cm TPE Sex Doll Fantasy
(Evy, 168cm TPE Sex Doll, $1350)

What is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material

TPE is made from thermoplastic elastomer and is a new technology, comparable to silicone. It is a mixture of rubber and plastic. When it comes to sex dolls, it’s a really powerful and realistic tactile material. The TPE can be stretched continuously and it will return to normal immediately. TPE sex dolls are much softer than silicone ones. It is much softer than other materials and can hold multiple positions due to its flexibility.

Even though the material is more realistic, TPE sex dolls are less expensive than silicone dolls. It is also hypoallergenic and should not cause any allergic reaction. TPE materials can also be recyclable. TPE sex is the closest thing on the market to a real skin feel.

What is the metal skeleton?

The metal skeleton allows the doll to be position in the position of your choice. It allows the flexibility of the body such as a real body. Thus, you can do any position with your doll.

Here is a video that shows you the characteristic of TPE dolls with a metal skeleton. See for yourself the quality and the real life likeness of the sex doll.

Where to buy a sex doll?

There are a lot of sex dolls website for adults online but you have to consider that many of those offer are counterfeit dolls, poor quality material as well as crappy after-sales service. Pay attention to websites that sell dolls at low prices or those that don’t have a phone number to reach them. These websites may try to scam you. Also, when it’s too cheap to be true, it’s probably a cheap product that won’t last. Also be sure that the website that you want to buy a sex doll from is secured. Websites such as offer affordable dolls, offer free worldwide shipping, and have reputable after-sales service and a 100% secure website.

Video demonstration of a sex doll from

To conclude, here’s a short video demonstration of one of our sexdoll.

Hey guys, want to know how much you guys like your doll.

For me personally I wasn’t sure the first time I started shopping them, if I was doing the right thing. Spending that much money on something that I wasn’t even sure to like. But finally pulled the trigger figured that, worst comes to worst the money would have been spent on booze and dates to try to get layde anyway.

When finally I got her all assembled I was surprised with the quality of a sex doll. Not to mention, that it didn’t take too long and I got right to business with her. Her huge tits bouncing in my face felt so real! not speaking about her tight and firm ass! Man, I loved slapping and grabbing it! At one point it felt like I was having it with a real woman! once all was in motion it didn’t take too long that it was over and there stood a very satisfied man in front of his new favorite toy!

After a few weeks I felt something different was going on. Felt lite on my feet. Less stressed, more confident. Heck gave me the feeling that I was a sex machine and I could now take on any girl and have no shame about my performance! With the confidence that a simple doll gave me, I had a lot less trouble approaching women and finally met the wife that now stands by me! Sure, I had to justify why I had a sex doll, but once all was explained she laughed and thanked her for giving me the confidence i needed. lol

And here I am now selling those dolls because I feel that every single man should have a good quality sex doll. Heck, even couples should own one (speaking from experience) It’s been only positive in my life from day one! So stop wondering if its a Nay or a Yaye… its a big YAYE!