Evy – 155 cm

With this 155cm doll you fill have great fun. This cute and sexy elf will take you to this magic place you always dreamed of. Tight fight body with small firm breast and her lovely soft lips, this sex doll will make your wild dreams come true. With the TPE technology it feels like the most realistic skin feel on the market. This sex doll has a metal skeleton that allow you to place the sex doll in every position you can dream of.

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Item Number : D15501
Material : TPE & Metal Skeleton
Quality : High Quality
Height : 155 cm
Weight : 27.5 kg
Bust size : 65 cm
Waist size : 40 cm
Hip size : 75 cm
Vaginal Length : 18 cm
Anal Length : 17 cm

What is TPE Material ?

TPE is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer and is a brand new technology, compare to silicone. It is a mixture of rubber and plastic. When it’s come to sex doll, it’s a really performance and realistic touch material. TPE can be stretched continuously and it will return back to normal immediately. TPE sex dolll are much softer than silicone ones. It is much softer than other materials, and it can hold multiple positions because of flexibility.

Even though the material is more realistic, TPE sex dolls are cheaper than the silicone dolls. It is also hypoallergenic and should not cause any allergic reactions. TPE materials can also be recyclable. TPE sex dolls are the perfect bouncy, rubbery toys to feel a realistic experience.

What is metal skeleton ?

The metal skeleton allows the doll to position itself in the position of your choice. It allows the flexibility of the body such as a real body. So you could do any position you want with your dear doll.

Video demonstration

Here is a video demonstration of what a TPE doll with a metal skeleton looks like.
You will notice the realistic look, the flexibility as well as the soft skin touch.

*This is not a video of the actual sex doll of this product page.
*This is for informational purposes only.

Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 157 × 30 × 35 cm


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